Shark vs. Collie: And the Winner Is …..

 We have a rather large kitchen.  Our kitchen table seats 8 comfortably so we often entertain there.  Some days I almost live there – cooking, eating, reading, knitting, watching TV, all in the company of our collie who loves it there as well.  It’s a great space, until it’s time to wash the floor.  The floor area is about 15 ft x 20 ft and it’s laminate.  I’ve discovered that dog drool sticks to laminate better than glue.  I did find a solution:  after thoroughly washing the floor, scrub at the drool spots with a Magic Eraser,  then rinse.  It feels like it takes a whole day to get that floor clean.  A friend suggested using a steam mop.  I said I’d think about it; and I did.  I researched.  I read reviews.  I did price checks.  While I was doing all that, I wasn’t washing the kitchen floor – well, at least not often, and not near as often as required.  The dog drool was gaining dimension.  I found myself in Canadian Tire the other day, deciding between 2 steam mop models.   

This is what came home with me. 

Shark Deluxe Steam Mop.  (The only difference between the Deluxe and the regular is 5 ft more cord and 5 cleaning pads instead of 2)

Safe for wood floors, ready to go in less than a minute(!), no wringing, no rinsing.  How could I go wrong?

Did I mention that the floor hadn’t been cleaned in a while?  I was getting streaks halfway through, so I switched to a clean mop pad and that did help.  The dog drool however, wasn’t going to give up without a fight.  I steamed it in every direction but couldn’t get it all up.  I finally gave up and used the Magic Eraser. 

Although the Shark Steam Mop did eliminate 90% of the dog drool, Round 1 has to go the Collie.  Way to go, Skyler.

Aside from that though, The Shark did a really good job.  It’s fast, it’s easy and the floor, aside from the aforementioned collie contributions, is noticeably cleaner.  I’m actually pretty amazed. 

Today’s another day, 24 hours since the last cleaning, and a new set of droplets have dried onto the floor.  This time, The Shark fared better, getting about 98% of the job done.  But in the end, dogs drool, dogs rule.  Sorry, Shark.

Woof, woof!

2 responses to “Shark vs. Collie: And the Winner Is …..

  1. i have an H2O steam mop and i LOVE it! i have learned to use a swiffer before-hand to gather up the pet hair that a broom never gets, so that doesn’t turn to wet ropes.

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