From Sticks to Pics

Living in a resort town means that we get to visit with a lot of friends we don’t see very often, as people take the opportunity to vacation rather than “staycation”.  Our guest room is booked most weekends from mid-June through the end of August and we normally spend a lot of time touring the area with guests, taking them on hikes, shopping for souvenirs and of course, eating.  This year’s been a little different.  Guest visits have been for shorter stays, and with BB still recuperating somewhat from his Spring injury, we haven’t been on a hike all season.  I’ve been feeling a little trapped here in the park.  Yesterday BB suggested a day trip.  We’d never been to Kananaskis yet and even though the day was cloudy and cool, we decided to pack up and take the dog for a Sunday drive.  On the way there, I finished this:
The second Lacy Mock Cable Sock is now done though I had a heck of a time with the toe seam.  I used kitchener stitch on the first sock (my first time ever!) and it worked beautifully.  I followed the instruction in the “techniques” section of Creative Knitting and it worked like a charm.  For the second sock I went online to my favourite knitting website, and followed the video for kitchener stitch.  Then I had to undo it (please note that kitchener stitch is an EXCELLECT way to seam a sock as it is almost indestructible).  I tried again.  This time I had to unlock the stitches AND frog back a couple of rows.  Cue the wine (just a small glass).  And dinner was going to be a little late.  I finally dug out the magazine instructions again and it worked as perfectly as for the first sock.  I absolutely love them!


Kananaskis proved to be a lovely get-away  

Kananaskis Country Golf Course



Reflections: Wedge Pond



Merganser mom & chicks: Beaver Ponds


 Skyler had a good time, too, though it seemed to be thisty work!
 We don’t have anyone scheduled to visit for the next couple of weeks, so I’m back working on my cardigan. 
Annie's Blues Fest

 I started the sleeves last night and am working them both at the same time on circular needles, so this should go pretty quickly.  That’s all I have left to do before blocking and seaming.  If this cool weather holds, I’ll be able to wear it as soon as I’m done.  



2 responses to “From Sticks to Pics

  1. Anne, those socks are wonderful!!! I must make a pair for myself…..

    The photo of the moutains reflecting in the water is amazing!!

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