…….frog, frog again.

My cardigan-in-process is getting the better of me.  I really hope that I still love like it once it’s all of a piece because right now, if I have to tink one more stitch or frog one more row, it’s going to be a vest!  I fell for the Nimbus Cardigan when I first saw it in the October 2009 issue of Knit ‘n Style, enough so that I went straight to the LYS.   Not having the recommended yarn, a substitute was suggested and bought.  The Diamond Luxury Collection Lima   was my first ever real wool purchase and it’s GORGEOUS! (Thanks, Kathy).  I had some trouble casting it on ; I only knew how to do a long-tail cast-on, and my own version of a left-handed combo of backward loop and long-tail (please don’t ask) and both of these made the yarn stretch, split and break.  I really owe a lot to www.knittinghelp.com  for teaching me, among other things, the knitting-on cast-on.  The Diamond yarn approved of being handled this way and immediately stopped wasting itself.  It’s an easy pattern and though it’s mostly garter stitch, this yarn makes it look more interesting. 

I didn’t notice a problem with the pattern until I was well into the right front (the left front being done already, as I’m left-handed).  There was an extra line of patterning and I wasn’t about to frog it out to match.  The sweater was now uniquely my own. 

But the sleeves!  I merrily cast on both sleeves at the same time and whipped through the first 2″.  Then there was an increase, and after that, well, the instructions just didn’t make sense.  I plugged on anyway, making my own sense out of the wording, but realized 10 rows in that this couldn’t possibly work.  The increases were too fast and there was no way there would be enough stitches to make the darned thing go around my upper arm.  That’s when the little light in my brain finally turned on and sent me to the magazine website to search for errata.  Bingo!  But changes were only for that front patterning I’d already discovered.  No mention of sleeves.  None!  I quickly sent a letter off begging for guidance – could I be so inept, or so tired, as to be incapable of reading a simple instruction?  As I fell asleep, the answer came to me.  I couldn’t wait to frog out the bad rows (really, I was happy to frog it) and fix it once and for all.  I zipped along 30 new rows, per sleeve mind you, feeling confidant.  Then I got a reply to my email.  Not only was my fix not going to work but the correct instructions were so far removed from the original in the mag, that it seemed like a totally different pattern.  Aargh!!

It was a quick back-track (considering it was 60 rows), and ‘though it took a few hours and a glass of sauvignon blanc before I could pick up the needles again, I’ve righted the wrongs and have 10 new rows done.  I’m just glad the yarn has held out through its ordeal.  Here’s hoping I can do the same.

2 responses to “…….frog, frog again.

  1. It is beautiful yarn! I admire your tenacity. I would have put it into timeout for a few weeks… or months…. 🙂

  2. Well, good for you!! I would’ve just cussed and swore and walked away forever!!!

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