I had a plan for today.  Not a terribly important plan, but a plan nonetheless.  I got up early so that the morning duties would be out of the way in plenty of time for the Maytag repairman to arrive.  Our dishwasher is one of the almost 2 million that is under recall for a faulty heater.  Said heater could cause the house to burn down, and that certainly wouldn’t do – not an historic house, a house that will celebrate it’s centenary next year.  The repairman (and I use that term because the person doing the repair IS actually male so don’t give me any grief) was here a few weeks ago, after a delay in getting the required part, but found that he was unable to move the dishwasher from it’s spot in order to get the job done.  He left saying the only options were to rip out my floor (brand new laminate, no less) or cut the legs off the dishwasher, deeming it unfit to fit into its slot properly ever again.  Mad man!  Our own plumbers, those in the employ of the hotel, installed that dishwasher so I figured they could get it out.  I rescheduled an appointment with the Maytag people for this morning and the machine was popped out of its slot yesterday, ready and waiting for a new element, or something.

Now, you know how it is, when you’re told that the repair or the delivery or the whatnot will be there between 8 am and 3 pm.  You’re almost guaranteed that no one will show up until 3:18 pm ……. unless you cheekily run out for milk, thinking there’s no way you’ll miss them.  I didn’t do that.  I sat here (and still sit here), and Skyler sits with me.   It’s 1:30 pm and we should be running a load of dishes through the dishwasher, as the repair was scheduled between 8 am and noon.  The last time, he arrived well before 9:00; it was a lovely surprise.  For that, I gave Mr. Maytag the benefit of the doubt; the office is in Cochrane and I know there are other clients …… and lunch.  When my call to the office was answered at 1 pm there was a rather long pause, followed by words something to the effect of, must apologize, heater, problem, reschedule this afternoon, will call back.  I’m thinking now that I must have dreamed up the part about “reschedule this afternoon”, or at least misunderstood.  Maybe she meant that this afternoon she would reschedule me, for next week maybe.  We’ll see.  I can’t skirt around this dishwasher forever though, so I suppose I’ll have to call back.  Poor Skyler’s getting antsy.  It really is time for a walk, and I could probably use soem fresh air too.

Before you think the morning (and early afternoon) was a total loss, I did get the Honey Cowl  finished.

And even though I made it a medium length (1 skein of Madelinetosh dk in Duchess), it’s still long enough (and stretchy enough) to be double up as a neck warmer.

I love the basketweave stitch pattern – very easy.

I also started the mystery dishcloth for September in my online dishcloth KAL (knit-a-long).  All I can tell, and can tell you, is that it’s bordered in seed stitch.

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  1. That cowl! I love that colorway! I have one skein of MadTosh Eyre in Duchess. I just can’t find any thing good enough to use it on! 🙂

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