Fall-ing Behind?

I’m still not used to late (okay, really late) summer days that start out like this:

No, it’s not snow – well, some of it is – it’s mostly heavy frost.  The day, for me, started at -2ºC.  It’s warmed up by almost 10º so far and Sulphur Mountain is mostly green again but still ……

It’s a sure sign of things to come and they’ll come pretty quickly from here on in.

Until last night, I hadn’t even looked at my knitting in a week.  We’d been hosting the Canadian Golf Superintendents’ Association Fall Field Day and luckily for me, a number of the Ya-Ya’s joined their hubbies this time around.  We girls had a lovely casual lunch here at the house and got to indulge in lots of great food and drink at various receptions and dinners. 

The best was Afternoon Tea in the Rundle Lounge at the Banff Springs Hotel.  We even actually drank our tea ….. after the prosecco was gone.


Dainty sandwiches, mini desserts and the best scones with Devonshire cream and preserves. Yum!

It’s taken a few days to recover from all the excess, but I was finally able to pick up the Berry Patch Socks  again last night and get the heel turned on both socks.  I’ve reinforced the heel with Regia darning thread and will do the same for the toes, as these will be hiking socks. Hopefully I can finish the gussets today and then I’m into the home stretch. 


(apologies for the poor quality of the photo.  BB is out of town and took the “good” camera with him)

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