Thanks, Mr. Postman!

It’s another dreary day here in the mountains.  It’s rainy, it’s dark, it’s a bit chilly.  Definitely Fall.  On the up-side, it always seems to stop raining when Skye needs a quick outing.  Five minutes after we’re back in and warm, it’s Annie Lennox (you know, “Here Comes the Rain Again”).  Oddly blessed, we are.

Over the past 2 days I’ve done the housework (well, there’s still vacuuming, but isn’t there always?) and filled the freezer with food.  I’m almost done sorting BB’s closet (no, hon, haven’t thrown anything out …..yet) and done more laundry than I care to think about.  I still have to put all the laundry away but the top of the dryer seems a fine sorting house for the time being.  With all this drudge, it’s no wonder I’m out-of-sorts.

When I got up enough energy to drive out for the mail this afternoon, there was a package.  Oh, sun-shiney day,  I got this!

 Looking Glass

Knit Picks Imagination in Looking Glass


And I got this!

Sprinkle Heather

Knit Picks Stroll  in Sprinkle Heather


I also got a ball winder, but that’s secondary to the yarn.  Helpful though, especially with the Imagination.  Don’t have a swift yet; I’m going to make the Tilta Swift, courtesy of webecca (wish me luck!)

I had planned on socks with the Imagination but now that I have the yarn , I can only see “shawl”.  I’ve been all over and have narrowed the choice down to the Storm Cloud Shawlette  or  MultnomahPlease feel free to state your preference.   As for the Stroll, it’s definitely socks, and probably for me, but too soon to tell yet.

Going to go and gather supplies for DIY swift ……

and nestle with some yarn 🙂

One response to “Thanks, Mr. Postman!

  1. Oh, yeah! I got yarn in the mail today, too. It is the best kind of mail. 🙂
    I got 8 balls of white Wool of the Andes and 3 skeins of Shadow in vineyard from a swap on Ravelry, and two skeins of Madelinetosh Eyre in Wisteria that I got for a steal online. 🙂 So so much fun!
    My vote is for multnomah. Gorgeous!

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