And snow it goes ……

Here it is, just over 24 hours until vernal equinox, and we get this …..

 It started last night and did this to what was left of my plants ……

Won’t bother getting used to it though, since we’re expecting weekend temps of 16ºC (60ºF).  And that does give me plenty of time to finish a scarf.

I cast on the Palindrome Scarf  the other night.  It’s Bernat Alpaca in Tomato.  The colour in this pic is much redder than in reality and doesn’t show the darker threads in the colorway.  I really like the colour but the yarn is a different story.  To the hand, it’s very soft, which made the low price quite a surprise (I suspect that should have been a clue).  Now that I’m knitting it, I’ve discovered the truth about the yarn. 

1. It sheds.  I didn’t notice at first, probably because I was wearing jeans while knitting and didn’t see the dark hairs against them. 

2. It sheds a lot. I’m assuming these dark hairs are the alpaca (30% of the blend).  Some of them are quite stiff and prickly. 

3.  When I put the scarf up to my neck, it itches, and it’s not pleasant.  It doesn’t itch to knit with it or to hold it in my hands, just to wear (sigh).  I’m tempted to frog it, but can’t think of anything else I would do with the yarn and I can’t just throw it out or give it away (to some poor, unsuspecting novice knitter).  Maybe a few good washes will help – maybe a little? For now, I’ll keep at it.  I’ll probably make it a shorter scarf and only use it for extra warmth when I’m already wearing a turtleneck. 

And so much for making a matching hat.

One response to “And snow it goes ……

  1. Wow! Snow?!? It is in the 90’s (F) here today! Total bummer about the scarf. It sure does look beautiful. It’s a gorgeous color.

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