All Wound Up

Here it is, middle of the week, Hump day.  And from the top of that hump, here’s what I see.  Berry Patch Socks – – in progress.  Cardigan – – in progress, though kinda snoozin’ now since it’s been untouched in the knitting bag for a couple of weeks.  Mid-month dishcloth KAL is on the needles at Day 2 (yesterday was Day 6).  Still need to vacuum and finish with laundry.  BB comes home in 6 or 7 hours.  Sigh.  Think I need a kick-start before the day is done.

That Palindrome scarf  in the hateful yarn?  I’ve pulled it back to a 5″ length (from 8″) and cast it off to try washing it once or twice and see how it reacts.  I’m not going to make the scarf though; not in the Bernat Alpaca.  I considered a fleece-lined neck warmer instead but am now thinking lined mittens.  Will probably use a fleece liner rather than a knitted one, for speed’s sake if nothing else.  I might need those mittens sooner than I’d planned.

As a treat to myself last night, I gathered the supplies for the Tilta Swift, as mentioned earlier. 

Then I put it all together, as per the directions on the website.  The empty dishwasher detergent container replaced a cardboard box, the pasta was a stabilizer and I used 4 extra clothespins.



To the uninitiated, I’m sure this looks weird, but to any knitter with a hank of yarn, this looks COOL!

Once it was together I couldn’t be bothered finding the “perfect” place to set up the ball winder; I was in the kitchen and so was everything else.  Naturally, there was no “perfect” place – until I removed a drawer.  Game on!



Unfortunately I can’t load the video I took of the swift and ball winder in action.  Will try to get it up and running soon – it’s very cool.


A few minutes of work and my 3 hanks of Berroco Softwist now look like this



That swift is the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in ages.  And I’m tickled every time I watch it do its thing – ’cause I made it!





3 responses to “All Wound Up

  1. Ok Anne, I am gonna give this a try too. It looks simple enough….. 😉

  2. You are a genius! 🙂

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