Giving Thanks

We’ve just celebrated Thanksgiving, which brings us closer and closer to winter here in the mountains.  But oddly, our weather has been pretty fine lately – for October.  It’s been mostly sunny and even though mornings and evenings are pretty darned cool, daytime temps have averaged around 15ºC, give-or-take.  That makes me happy.  Here’s what it looked like on this date last year.

This, from yesterday afternoon, is much better:

Still, morning dog walks make me want to make this ……

Weekend Stroll

….. and this ……

Pewter Cable Pullover

….. and maybe this

Ribbed Cardigan

I am going to pick one (probably the sweater coat ’cause it’s super bulky yarn and should go relatively quickly – don’t laugh; I’m feeling positive).  In the meantime, I’ve taken the Nimbus cardigan out of hibernation and only have about 6″ to go before sleeve shaping and finishing.  Then blocking, seaming and finally, wearing!

I’ve also started Ann Budd’s Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks  for BB, in Patons Kroy Sock FX.  This is Cascade Colours.  I’d bought this yarn for myself but he liked it so ……. There’s plenty more where that came from 🙂

The Berry Patch Socks  have also been finished and were sent to my MIL last week.  They are  scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I’ll know soon how they fit and if they’re what she was hoping for.  Fingers crossed.

While I’m catching up, here’s the finished mystery dishcloth from my September KAL

It’s a mouse!

And here’s the finished October dishcloth KAL, a Halloween spider.

If you’d like to join up and get some great dishcloth patterns, perhaps learn some new techniques and chat with a great bunch of gals, join us at the Monthly Dishcloths KAL in Yahoo! Groups. A

At this time of year, I’m thankful: for pleasant weather that takes me out of “the neighbourhood” with the dog; for the ability to make make knots with string and sticks that eventually turn into warmth for me and my family; for having more than enough ….. of pretty much everything; for friends, old and new, and family, who help me through the bad times and help celebrate the good times; and maybe mostly, I’m thankful for just being.  Hope all my Canadian friends and family had a great Thanksgiving weekend and that my American friends and family will as well.  Hugs, all!

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