Scattered Thoughts

A wee bit late, but I’d like to welcome November.  That might sound odd, but it’s sunny, with a little breeze and 14ºC here now; this Fall may turn out to be the best Summer we’ve ever had.  Okay, maybe not good news for you skiers and snowboarders, but there’s plenty of time to take care of your needs in the later part of winter – or perhaps next week.

I’ve just finished blocking the sleeves of the Nimbus Cardigan and now have to patiently wait for them to dry.  I didn’t have enough space to do all the pieces at the same time so I did the back and fronts earlier this week and will sew shoulder seams and pocket facings while I wait for the sleeves to hold their size.  I’ll post a pic once that’s done.

Lest you think I’ve been idle these past few weeks, I’ve managed to finish a neck warmer

A shortened version of the Palindrome Scarf combining  Mary Maxim Starlette in Medium Willow and Patons Decor in Pale Sage Green

and almost finish a hat

Teen Flap Hat from Interweave Crochet  Fall 2009 in Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds  Deep Red

The hat is actually done but I decided to replace the crocheted ear flap facings with a fleece lining instead.  With the crocheted facings in place, the ear flaps did this great sticking-out act.  Made me look like Pippi Longstocking, which was not exactly the look I was going for.  This is more like it.

BB’s socks are also well underway and I am exactly 8 rounds away from grafting the toe shut on sock 1. 

Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn A. Clark (Favourite Socks) in Kroy Sock FX  Cascade Colors

Sock 2 has been started (just the cuff) but it seems a little loose somehow.  I should have (and did for the first) 13 rounds of rib for 1″ but I achieved the 1″ in only 9 rounds.  Same yarn, same pattern, same needles.  Could knitting in the car affect my gauge?  Huh.  I’ll frog it while it’s still only 9 rounds and get back to you with the restart results.

And here’s my triumph from last weekend.  Make it yours this weekend.


Strudelicious Panzerotti, from the Podleski sisters of “Eat, Shrink & Be Merry”, on the Food Network.  It’s homemade pizza dough filled with turkey sausage, turkey pepperoni, veg, homemade sauce and cheese.  Baked up in the oven, it is one of THE most gorgeous things I’ve ever made.  Try it, then let me know what you think.

2 responses to “Scattered Thoughts

  1. That looks awesome!! I may have to bake one.

    I *LOVE* the sock. Love. It.

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