Keeping Abreast of the Situation

Not much time to blog today as there’s been another wee mishap in my knitting world and it’s time to get started on supper.  The past few days should remind me of the truth in the old axiom “Measure twice, cut once”.  More on that tomorrow.  Suffice to say that the Nimbus Cardigan is being seamed and that BB’s Sock #2 is 16 rounds from starting the heel flap.

Just popped in here to share something I came across online a little while ago.  I get email newsletters from Canadian Living magazine – crafts, food, fitness – they have a bunch you can sign up to receive.  The  “Get Crafty” newsletter came in  this afternoon, featuring a Saxony Cable sock pattern that I had to see (and print).   The page has a side bar listing related content and one of the items was “Tit-Bits: Hand-knitted Breasts“.  Eye-catching? Yup.  We knitters can do a lot with some sticks and string but ……. breasts? Could it be a typo?

No typo.  Click on the link above; pass it on.  You never know who might need it.  Beryl Tsang, the designer, lost a breast to cancer.  Not able to find a comfortable prosthesis, she knit her own.  We do what we need to do.  Find out more on and at

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