“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are …..”

Have lost the past 2 days to a medical screening and the prep necessary for it, but everything should be back to normal tomorrow.  Hope those aren’t famous last words.  (Today’s title is from a quote by Mary Jean Iron)

BB’s Sock 2 has come to a halt.  I can finish shaping the gussets but I won’t have enough yarn to finish.  I’ll probably be 3″ short.  It’s true the pattern called for 3 balls of yarn for the man’s size.  It’s also true that I only had 2 balls of yarn. Because I’m making a shorter leg (by request), I thought I”d have enough.  Apparantly Kroy Socks, the suggested yarn, is different than the Kroy Socks FX that I’m using.  The first is 203 yds. per ball.  The FX, only 166 yds. per ball.  Explains things, doesn’t it?  Sock 2 will continue next week; I have a 90 minute drive ahead of me to get more of the same yarn.

The seaming of my cardigan also came to a screeching halt when it turned out I carefully backstitched the right sleeve in inside-out.  I had pinned it in inside-out, but saw the error and corrected it – twice.  Guess if I’d corrected it a third time I might have got it right.  Got as far as un-seaming and then had to put it down.  Tomorrow is another day.

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