Project List: Cardi-gone!

Once upon a time, a young lady (ahem), named Anne, fell in love with a cardigan pattern she found in a knitting magazine.  She had knit many pullover sweaters in the past but had not knit anything recently, and never a cardigan.  She really wanted to give it a try.  She made her first trip to a lys (local yarn store) near her new home town, and asked for the recommended yarn.  Not carrying that particular brand, the lys owner helped her find a substitute, Diamond Yarn Luxury Collection Lima, in Kingfisher.  It was soft and a lovely shade of blue with darker blue, purple and red subtly running through it.  Oh, what a find!  Home it went, where it sat for a time, waiting to be transformed.

Our novice cardigan knitter finally got it together to cast on her new project.  Hmm, long-tail cast-on, her usual method wasn’t working well at all.  The yarn kept stretching, then breaking apart; it was all very frustrating.  Her trusty computer and  showed her another technique and off she went to try a knitted cast on, with great results.

Knit, knit, knit.  Except for a very few purl stitches, the whole cardigan was to be done in garter stitch.  Easy, peasy, right?  She flew along, only putting her work down for a few weeks at a time (garter stitch can be a bit boring, no?)

A couple of months went by before the back was finally done.  The 2 front pieces followed a few months after that.  But what’s this?  One of the front pieces has a row of purl stitches where it shouldn’t and is missing one where it should be.  Huh?  A quick check of the pattern doesn’t help; the instructions were followed to the letter.  Oh crap!  Oh well.  It’s not really noticeable.  Our girl decided she could live with it.

Many months had gone by and Anne really wanted this project done.  Starting the sleeves at the same time on circular needles seemed to be the way to the finish line.  Even faster than the rest of the cardi, with only 2 purl stitches on each row, the sleeves were turning into quick work – until the shaping started.  Try as she might, the  pattern instructions weren’t making sense.  Knit.  Frog.  Knit.  Frog again.  Realizing there MUST be a problem with the pattern, she turned back to her trusty computer and checked for errata at Knit ‘n Style’s website.  Turns out that issue was full of errata, but for the Nimbus Cardigan, only one notation and that was for the fronts error that was already too late to fix.  How could there be nothing for the sleeves when it was so obvious something was wrong?!

An emailed cry for help to Knit ‘n Style’s assitant editor produced the needed result for an error that had not been noticed (Anne must be the ONLY person in the world making this cardigan!)  The correct instructions were not even close to the printed ones – no wonder it wasn’t making any sense!  Anne wasn’t losing her mind after all.

Knit, knit, knit, knit.  Here we are today, 8 months later, and the cardigan is finally finished.  It took three tries to get the neckline she wanted, but it’s all done now.  Yay!  Anne tried it on with a tank top and liked the way it turned out.  Too bad it itches.

3 responses to “Project List: Cardi-gone!

  1. I *love* that color!! Itching is unfortunate though. Maybe a long sleeve shirt underneath? Or a nice long bath in some Eucalan? I hate it when the wool itches.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I figure the last 30 years were so full of crap and surprises, maybe I’ll get a break for (at least) the next 10. 🙂

  2. Marvelous cardigan! you did a wondrousness job. Love the colour too.

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