The Warm Before the Storm

“Every mile is two in winter”. ~ George Herbert

The Winter Soltice is Dec. 21 this year.  That date marks the day of the year with the least hours of daylight and the official start of winter.  Here in the mountains though, winter started Monday night.  We were warned there was a storm coming in; we were warned that the roads might be best left untravelled and that traffic in the major cities affected would be torturous.  I had planned to spend Tuesday in Calgary with a friend, but thought it best to postpone until later in the week, once the roads had a good base of snow on them and everyone had refreshed their winter driving skills – without me.  Instead, I went into Calgary on Monday to get my errands out of the way, and leave more time for visiting later in the week.  This was the road to Calgary on Monday morning.

Yep, that’s sun behind those clouds. (It’s only 8 AM here)

Here’s the road home. Forgive the tint of the windshield. Yes, sometimes I take pictures while I’m driving. 

It was a GORGEOUS day in Calgary (and here too).  It was sunny, warm, and exactly what you wouldn’t expect from mid-November in the Rockies. 

This is what you’d expect, right?


Welcome to Tuesday morning.  Glad I heeded all the warnings, even if it did seem like a dumb idea at the time; they were all true.  Looks like we’re in it for the long haul now.  BB and I are still  going through storage bins, exchanging light jackets for down-filled ones, and matching up mitts and gloves.  The effort is not in vain, since we use most of the winter stuff for at least 6 months (toques and mini gloves for longer – really!) but come April I do begin to wonder if I’ll ever need sandals again.  For now though, refilling bins and boxes is the order of the day.  So is thinking about knitting some hats …… and maybe a scarf ….. and more socks.

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