Old Dog, Old Trick

It’s cold this morning; I mean really cold.  And there’s a wind chill.  That means the thermometer says the outside temperature when you’re in the house is -19ºC (or -2ºF).  Once you go outside and the wind hits you, it feels like it’s really  -25ºC.  Logical then, to stay in the house.  Even the dog’s not keen on being out, and he LOVES the snow.  He’s sitting here with me now, waiting for more snow – and less wind.  Yesterday was much warmer and being the  loyal dog he is, he came along when I said I needed some exercise.  Here’s what I did.

Here’s what he did.

I only lasted about 20 minutes.  It only took 10 minutes to remember that I usually leave the dog at home when I’m snowshoeing.  When I’m on snowshoes, he feels a need to stay close to me.  I wish he wouldn’t.  I’m plowing along, having a great time, when I suddenly find myself on my knees, the air pushed out of me in surprise, and the dog trying to lick my face.  He’s stepped on the back of my snowshoe.  I always think it’s a one-off.  It isn’t.  If When it happens a third time, I take him home.

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