More Cheer from the New Year …… I Hope

Hello, 2011!  Here’s hoping you are better and brighter than 2010.  Oh, and warmer too, please.  I’ve a significant birthday this year and would like all the days before, during, and after to be warm and fuzzy in recognition of it.  That means lots of sunshine, warm breezes and all kinds of yarn (are you listening, BB?)  Yes, it’s probably too much to ask but I have to try.

 I’ve been away from this blog for quite a while, sometimes because I’ve been otherwise occupied and sometimes because 2010 was trying to drag me out with it.  I put up a pretty good fight and  I’m hoping I got the better of it from this end.  Not even it’s shadow has been seen ’round the house so I’m considering it banished.  Nobody wants to read about how awful things seem – at least not ALL the time – so I thought it better to just keep a low profile.  Better and brighter, remember?

 I don’t put much stock in New Year’s resolutions but I made an exception this time, and purely for knitting purposes. 

 I hereby resolve to start a self-imposed monthly sock club: 12 patterns, 12 yarns, 12 lovely pairs of socks when I’m done.  Some will be for me (selfish sock-knitter that I can be) and the rest will be gifts.  Thanks to the Yarn Harlot  for her inspiration of 2010.  Yes, I’ll admit that the whole year wasn’t bad, just remarkably large bits of it.

I also hereby resolve to make more Christmas gifts, and to actually get them done in time for Christmas giving/mailing.  I’m thinking the solo sock club will help with this.

 To that end,  my socks for January are on the needles.

Lavender Lace Socks

Lavender Lace Socks from Vogue Knitting in Sprinkle Heather Stroll from Knit Picks

I found this pattern a little tricky to start (my first knitted lace) and I still can’t memorize it (6-round pattern).   And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get gauge.  The smallest needle available was a 2.0 mm, just what the pattern called for.  Unfortunately, the finished sock would only have fit my husband, and he’s not really the lace sock type.  I gave it all too much thought:  could I find smaller needles, or maybe finer yarn?  In the end, I cut out a pattern repeat (9 stitches) and am reworking the heel to fit.  Now that I’m 4” down the leg and can really see how the pattern is working up, I love it.  I’m not terribly fast at it, but I’m sure I’ll be done before the month is up.

 There have also been 2 Honey Cowls since Boxing Day, though one is still on the needles.  Both were meant to be Christmas gifties but now they’ll just say, “I’m glad you’re my friend!”  Both are in Madelinetosh, one in Pashmina, one in DK.  I must say, the Pashmina was gorgeous to work with.  Hard to believe there’s wool in there.  Photos will appear once the gifting is complete.

There’s more – I really have been very busy over the past couple of weeks – but you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow (or Saturday) to see the rest.  There are more socks, bed socks and ……..


2 responses to “More Cheer from the New Year …… I Hope

  1. Pretty socks! I have had a had time getting gauge with Knit Picks sock yarn without using super teeny-tiny needles.

    Can’t wait to see you’re other knit stuff. 🙂

    • Now you tell me! This is my first KP experience but it’s working out okay now. I just thought I was having trouble because I’d been working with sport weight for so long.

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