Today’s Deal

I’m off to get some yarn this morning.  It won’t be your normal everyday transaction.  I mentioned it to BB last night.  The conversation went like this:

Anne:  I’m off early in the morning.  I’m meeting someone at the Rec Centre first thing.

BB:  Drug deal?

Anne:  No, silly – yarn deal.

BB:  Same thing

He’s getting so smart.

I won’t mention yet what I’m getting but here’s where it’s coming from: 

Can you guess what I’m adding to my stash?

3 responses to “Today’s Deal

  1. My husband talks about my yarn like it’s crack and I’m a dope head just waiting for another hit. All. The. Time. It cracks me up.

  2. I’ll save the reveal for tomorrow, I think 🙂

  3. What a selection! So many gorgeous options! Hard to pick the drug – I mean yarn – of choice. So what did you go for….

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