Getting Ahead of Myself

Startitis  – an affliction that often affects knitters and crocheters where they begin several projects all at one time but don’t really make much progress on anything before starting another new project.  (my thanks to Knit-wiki for this diagnosis meaning.)

I have been battling a case of startitis since the weekend.  It started out as a little itch but I held it at bay because I was down to the toe on my first January sock and really, really wanted to finish it.  By Saturday afternoon, the itch was back but casting on my second sock brought the irritation down.  Sunday, well Sunday was a new day and the January sock wasn’t cutting it.  I think the itch was accompanied by some swelling.  I didn’t give in completely though.  I swatched.  There are vacation take-along projects that have been decided upon and this seemed a good opportunity to make sure I had the right needles and enough yarn to take with me (heh, heh). 


will turn into a tank top.


will become socks


is a scarf in the making.

Swatching was the equivalent of Gravol – the startitis calmed, then went to sleep.  Then someone mentioned needing fingerless gloves, which led to a trip to the LYS, which led to pattern modifications (short supply of preferred yarn), which led to – you guessed it – more swatching.  Yesterday I think I reached a Zen state of knitting, where I started a cuff over and over and over (and over!) again, until I decided what I really wanted to do – and I enjoyed each cast-on, and each frog and each little stitch.  I’m still pretty much there today.  The first cuff is knit and I decided the hand needed a bit of a pattern – to help stretch the yarn, which otherwise wouldn’t be enough.  I’ve graphed out what I think will work, but I’ve never done this before.  I’ll post a pic later, as they’re not far enough along to show anything yet.

One response to “Getting Ahead of Myself

  1. That last yarn looks like Madelintosh Sock. Am I right? Might even be the “Nutmeg” colorway…but I could be wrong there. I have some Madtosh sock in “Lapis” that is waiting to become something around here.

    My startitis is creeping up too. The two sweaters I’m working on are looking to be too small, so I wanna start something(s) new to cheer me up. Socks, a shawl (or five), mitts, hats, baby-doll clothes for the toddler.

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