Too Cold for Comfort

It finally happened.  There have been a lot of close calls over the past 3 years, but my luck seems to have run out.

That spidery-looking thing is a chip in my windshield.  Some people would say it officially makes me an Albertan.  Need to spend less time on the highway.  Oh wait, that’s impossible.  Guess I’d better get it fixed before it spreads.

I’m still working at catching up on things after returning from vacation the other night.  Most of those things involve laundry.  I haven’t knit a stitch since I got home, but I did get a fair bit of my February socks done on planes.  Most importantly, I finished BB’s fingerless gloves before we went away.

I love them.  He loves them.  I needed approximately 100 g of yarn but couldn’t get that much in a single skein in the colour that BB had requested so I had to mix and match. The 2×2 ribbed cuffs and the fingers/thumbs were knit in Viking of Norway Superwash in Black; the  palms were done in Mission Falls 136 in Gray.  I didn’t care much for the Viking, but I love the Mission Falls.  After the simple cuff, I used Nicholas’s Fingerless Gloves, courtesy of Knitting Daily, for the palm and fingers.  Now if it were only warm enough to wear them!

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