On Track (on Runway?)

My February socks have been languishing.  I started them out all right, on the 1st of the month, then needed to get ready for vacation.  No worries, plenty of time to knit on the plane.  And knit I did.  I got to the airport with this,

and stopped when I reached the heel, 4.5 inches later.  I must have been in the zone, since I’d only meant to knit another 3.5 inches, but longer socks are good, no?  Later worked them up to the toe, then started the second sock so I’d have something mindless to knit on my return flight.  Good call.  Here’s where we are today.


 One heel/foot and 2 toes to go.  I’m pretty sure I’ll make my deadline.   And with all that travel knitting going on, all those pointy sticks waving back and forth and sideways, only Rochelle, one of our flight attendents, showed any interest in what was coming along.  Turns out she was knitting socks as well.  Her first toe-up, 2-at-a-times.  BB was stunned when she came to our seats later in the flight with her in-progress socks in hand.  (I had tried to explain that we were everywhere, we sock-knitters.).  She was using this

Sirdar Crofter DK Fair Isle Effects in Bracken and it was knitting up really well.  I’d never heard of it before, but I’d like to try some.  An acrylic/cotton/wool blend, it really does knit up like Fair Isle.  I guess you could call it Fake Isle.

Here’s an example of how it knits up.  Hers looked very much like the ones at top right.  Find more info here.   And thanks for enabling, Rochelle.


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