Doing the Math

Scarf in progress

Lettuce Leaf Scarf,  Madeline Tosh sock in Ginger  (Sorry, but it won’t look like much until it’s blocked.  But the colour’s pretty, no?)

Deadline: Feb. 28, 2011

Finished:  220 rows

Needed:  approx. 472 rows (or ’til I run out of yarn)

Knitting 18 rows (1 pattern) takes 40-45 minutes (which doesn’t include tinking back a row when I forget a yarn over – sheesh!)

Let’s call it 12 hours of knitting left to do.   A couple of hours a day (or 36 rows) should get me done in time.  But if I have to miss a day’s “work”, I’m toast.

Please be advised that I will be marathon knitting for the next couple of days.  I likely won’t be here, or on FB, or Rav or anywhere else until I think I’m far enough ahead.  With any luck, the next pics you see will be of a blocked FO, almost ready for gifting.

One response to “Doing the Math

  1. If you forget a YO – you can always pick up the running thread on the way pack (the thing in between the two stitches) from the other side and put it on the needle. 😀 (ok, bad explanation, but it works!!)

    Nice scarf!

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