April Showers?

It’s snowing …. again.  I came in from the  lunchtime dog walk, made a cuppa,  and suddenly, the house seemed dark.  Next thing you know,

 It’s been doing this a lot lately, but more often in the form of sunflurries.  You know, like a sunshower but with snow instead of rain.

I am reminded that I’d like to crawl into bed for a wee nap.  I can’t though, as my duvet is in the dryer.  King-size duvet.  Small dryer.

If I dry it on low heat, it’ll take more than 6 hours to dry – maybe longer  (it’s a crummy dryer).  It only takes about 3 hours on medium heat, but I need to turn it every 30 minutes so it doesn’t get scorched.  I can avoid that by drying it on low heat but …….. There truly is no rest for the weary.

So while I wait for the dryer to beep me back into action I will knit.  I’m working on my April socks and loving everything about them.

The pattern is Evelyn A. Clark’s Go with the Flow and the gorgeous yarn is “Sweet Pea” Fingerpaints from Cherry Tree Hill for Yarns on Stage.  Love it!

Also in progress is

Woodland Turtle Cowl in James C. Brett Marble, Berries.

Yes, the yarn is acrylic, but the colour’s lovely and it’s very soft –  just what I want for a warm wintry cowl.  If you think it’s too late in the season, start reading this post again.  I’d love to do a drapey version in Madeline Tosh DK.

Still need to cast on a scarf to go with a jaunty little Spring hat I bought recently.  I’ve finally decided on Silken Ease using Wendy Happy in Libra.  I figure I’ve got some leeway in the timing of this project and just hope it fits the bill. (Sorry, the hat looks better on my head – really.  Maybe next time).

Oh good, snow’s stopped – for now.

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