Springtime in Alberta

Lucky break here in Banff.  We didn’t end up with the predicted snowstorm overnight,  but we are getting some of it now.  Things went “snow globe” for a while, but seem to have settled down again.  “Springtime in Alberta, chills me to the bone”. (Thanks to Ian Tyson for that – never were truer words spoken)

April is passing by so quickly, much more so than March did.  Maybe it was soaking up all that REAL Spring weather in Vancouver last month that did it for me; I didn’t want it to end.  BB and I drove to a conference in Vancouver and the time on the road allowed me to start and finish my March socks.

Harris Tweed Rib socks made with Diamond Luxury Soxy in Taupe.

While in Vancouver, a friend asked me to make her a cowl.  Something warm but light, that could be worn long and loose, or doubled up around the neck.  We went to Urban Yarns  and she came out with some Dream in Color Starry.  Picking a pattern was a little more difficult as most cowl and infinity scarf patterns just didn’t fit the bill.  Instead she picked from a couple of long scarf patterns and I stitched the ends together.

Checkerboard Lace Scarf in Dream in Color Starry, Ruby River

The scarf only needed half a skein and I wanted to use up all the yarn so something else had to go on the needles.  Fingerless mitts seemed the perfect thing for  200 yds of yarn

Mitt Envy.  Aptly named.  When I finished, I wanted a pair too.

I also made my first shawl.  Storm Cloud Shawlette has been in my queue for awhile and I’d even bought the yarn for it.  I had no idea it would knit up so quickly.  Once done,  I realized that I’d need more of a shawl than a shawlette to keep the chill off here in Banff (yes, even in summer) so I added a few more inches before binding off.  Now if I could only wear it.


Storm Cloud Shawlette in Knit Picks Imagination Handpainted , Looking Glass

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