It’s a Good Day When ……

Cold but sunny today and overall, a good day.  The “good day” part was confirmed for me as I drove back home from town and looked over at the passenger seat. 

Two library books  – Mother-Daughter Knits, because there’s always the chance there’ll be more time to knit something fabulous; and a little something by Cathy Kelly ’cause who doesn’t like a little Chicklit from a bestselling Irish author? 

A blu-ray DVD copy of HP7 (that’s Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Pt 1).  I finally got to see it at the theatre in Orlando and LOVED it.  BB has yet to see it, so it’s dinner-and-a-movie at home tonite.

Our voter information cards, fresh out of the mailbox.  No scurrying around this year to make sure we’re on the list in order to claim our right to vote.  Oddly, BB and I have different addresses ….

A caramel macchiato from Starbucks,  because who wouldn’t want something hot, tasty and COFFEE in the middle of the afternoon (not actually on the seat mind you, more like, in the cup holder)

A lottery ticket for tonite’s $50 Million dollar draw (or whatever the amount is.  Winning anything over $5 would cover the costs and be a boon, no?)

A store-roasted chicken and a bag of salad.  Dinner anyone?  I want to knit for a couple of hours before devoting all my attention to HP7 so that means no cooking.  Sorry, hon.

And now sitting in front of me is this lovely skein of yarn I picked up the other day (2 skeins, actually).

It’s Impression from Louisa Harding and I’m thinking of turning it into a scarf, using Knits with Penguins’  A Little Bit Bohemian

Glorious day, isn’t it?

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