Back on track ….. I hope

My desk keeps getting the better of me.  It’s a sizable space, with just enough drawers (one would think) but maybe there needs to be more – of something anyway.  My desk is where my computer lives.  And my computer is where my home-based businesses start their days .That area of the desk stays fairly organized until a couple of days before orders are due to be submitted. Then there’s a wee explosion of brochures and flyers and scraps of paper with jottings on them and you’ll find the occasional bottle of shower gel or pack of perfume samples.  Every second Thursday that all turns neat again – mostly.

More importantly, my computer is where Ravelry lives.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, think of Ravelry as Facebook for knitters and crocheters (and spinners and dyers, and ……. well, you get the picture).  We “friend” each other, we share favourites, we share our work.  We are a community of people who help each other, not only with our craft/hobby/obsession but through it.

Having Ravelry in my life has filled the empty spots on my desk with things like skeins of yarn from swap boxes that have come to me from the US and around the world, socks that need repair help from YouTube, and file folders of patterns that need to come to life,

finished projects that need page updates to turn them from this,

into this,

and works in progress that require photo updates to keep them eligible for contests, among other things.

It’s still pretty bare right now, really, but I did clean the desk off last week.  I was feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter that was pretending to be my life. I put away all the projects-in-progress, filed the bills, shredded that which couldn’t be recycled and did my accounting.  I can breathe better when my desk is clear, and that’s not just because I’ve dusted.

Now that that’s done, maybe we can spend some time catching up.

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