Building for the Future

While I was at work on Sunday, a robin started building her nest in the eaves over our back deck.  I could see a shadow in flight across the blinds yesterday morning while I was at my desk.  It had been moving back and forth for a while before I checked it out.  By that time, she had started gathering moss for lining.  She works fast.

I don’t know if this is one of the robins I watched build their nest a couple of weeks ago.  It was during the weekend, when things can be a bit quiet around here; they didn’t know they were building on top of a bell box.  On Monday morning when the shop phone started ringing, so did the bell box.  The robins seem to have abandoned that nest.  Good call.  It can be bad enough to have the kids chirping and bleating at you all day for food; add in a constantly ringing phone and there goes the rest of your sanity.

This location is only marginally better than the other. Every time I open the back door, she’s off.  I hope she doesn’t abandon the nest.  It’d be a treat to watch nestlings for awhile.

I’m about to start building something too.  One of these yarns will be the toes of a pair of travelling socks.

Once I finish knitting my toes, I’ll send them off to the next person in my group who will choose some yarn of her own and a stitch pattern (or not) and knit an inch or two onto my socks.  She’ll send  them off to the next person, and so on, and so on ….. until I get back a complete pair of socks.  In the meantime, I’ll be adding on to the socks sent to me from the other group members.  How cool is that?  The pattern for these toe-up socks comes from Wendy Gaal for Knitters Brewing Co.  Check out her blog here.

In case you’re wondering, the shawl is still in the works.  I can refer to it as “the shawl” because it’s the only one I’m working on right now.  It could be the only one I work on for awhile.  I know I’ll love it when it’s ready to sit across my shoulders, but it may be some time before lace weight nestles on my needles again.  I’ve been able to knit on it a little every night and am still hopeful I’ll be done at week’s end.  I do have to start these toes though.

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