A Brush with Nature

No matter where BB and I have lived, we’ve had issues with water.  Usually those issues involved some sort of basement flooding.  We don’t worry about that much anymore since there is no basement in this house, but we do live very close to a river and sometimes things can go wrong.  Our neck of the woods received somewhere in the range of 50-80 mm of rain in a 24-hr. period.  Coupled with some extra snow melt, we ended up with swollen rivers and creeks.

Our house is about 15 feet from the river bank and it’s been a bit scary watching the water rise.  Even more scary is the speed of the flow.  I’ve been amazed watching huge trees charge down the river as if they were nothing but bark.  It’s stunning.  I’ve gone ’round town this morning to see what’s happening with the Bow as it winds through town.  Mother Nature is pretty impressive.

A bit of overflow
Bow Falls in Banff, AB

The river’s edge creeps onto the golf course

Bow Avenue, in downtown Banff, has been closed to traffic and some sandbagging has begun.

Maybe Banff should consider “Hippo Tours” (amphibious buses) for the next couple of days.

A little wet, but still a good view, with fresh snow on the mountain

We should come out of this all right.  It’s beautifully sunny today and rather cold, which explains all the fresh snow in the nearby mountains.  I’m staying in today and working on “The Shawl”.  I bought new needles for it.  Yes, I know I’ve only a few rows left, but I’m certain that nice sharp lace needles will make the knitting fly – and don’t try to convince me otherwise.

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