From Sandbags to Shovels

It’s snowing like mad out there but that’s okay.  I was tired of the rain anyways.

No, this is not an old post you’re reading.  It is June 9, 2012 and it’s been snowing hard enough and for long enough that it’s staying on the ground.  And I am now certain that I’ve been living in Banff too long because ….. I like it.  I was out on errands in the rain (it was still raining a bit ago) but heading home the rain turned into huge snowflakes.  It made me laugh – not in that desperate, slightly maniacal way that you would expect from me, when talking about snow in June, but in a good way.  The way I used to laugh when it would start to snow in December out east.  Perhaps the pod people visited me in my sleep.  I have no other explanation.

We’ve had some rain and more snow since this pic was taken, but you get the idea.


I finished The Shawl last night.  By finished, I mean that the pattern knitting is all done.  Today, I started binding off.


That’s what I’ll be doing again as soon as I’m done here with you.  Turns out I was right about the needles.  I’d  started to think that the problem was me.  That for some reason, I’d lost my knitting mojo – right in the middle of a shawl.  Silly me.  I just needed sharper needles.  After the switch, knitting was speedy.  I fell back in love with The Shawl.  I can admit now that I was having awful feelings towards it.  I even considered  putting it away for a year while.  Instead, I’ll be done and on to blocking this afternoon.

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