Mornings Need Mittens

It’s cold this morning.  Oh, it’ll warm up nicely in a few hours, by about 20º or so, but right now it’s cold.  The Weather Network says it’s 5ºC in Banff, but where I am, it’s only 1ºC.  I live near the base of 2 mountains, and a river runs between them.  I get to see sunshine earlier than I get to actually feel it.

Top: Mt. Rundle
Bottom: Tunnel Mountain & Bow River

I need mittens.  My favourite fingerless mitts can’t cut it for the morning dog walk these days.  Gloves I have, but gloves here, as in Winnipeg or Northern Ontario, are genereally more decorative than practical.  When it’s cold out, your fingers want to huddle together.  Of course, I do have mittens, but they’re real winter mitts and are too heavy for most September mornings.  Besides, using them would feel like giving in to winter already and it’s too soon for that.  It’s enough that the furnace has been running for the past few days.  That’s my only concession – so far.

The mittens I envision will probably be plain stockinette stitch over the hands.  Seed stitch has been calling to me but plain will be faster.  The cuffs, though, those will be pretty.  I fell in love with Connie Chang Chinchio’s Gioielli Gloves but seeing as gloves are out (see above), I’m just going to use her smocked cuff pattern.  (The only link I could find is Ravelry; my apologies if you aren’t able to access it).

Gioielli Gloves from Textured Stitches

I’m hoping my yarn choice will work.

Llama Lluxury from SWTC in Camel

If not, here’s my second choice.

Gourmet Crafter Gourmet Sock in Moraine Lake.

Either way, I know I’ll love them.

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