It’s All a Mystery to Me

September 11, 2001

The TV was on downstairs but I was upstairs dusting and fussing.  I was pretty sure 9 am had passed but I couldn’t hear the bleeping and yelling that let me know Breakfast Television was over and Maury had started.  That’s normally when I stopped whatever I was doing and quickly changed the channel.  Really hate all that bleeping.  The quiet coming from downstairs was what prompted me to take a look.   The TV screen showed what appeared to be a plane crashing into a building.  Seemed an unusual time of day for CityTV to be airing a movie.  Then Gord Martineau was talking about New York and a plane crash and no one, at that point, really knew what was going on.  It still took some moments to recognize that whatever was happening was real.  Was happening in those moments.  Was bad.  Very, very bad.  In the hours and days to come, we found out how truly bad, how truly awful, and how truly frightening.  I finally understood the root of the word “terrorist”.

Like many of you, I was glued to CNN for days – too many days.  I finally broke for Oprah.  Even she said we needed to take a break from the watching; we knew it wasn’t doing us any good.  There was little or no real effect, at the time, for me or my family or my neighbours, but it was horrifying, and perhaps more accurately, stunning, all the same.  And what was telling, for me, was the silence in the sky.  At the time, we lived in a flight path to/from Pearson International Airport.  And by mid-afternoon there were no more planes.  I hadn’t really noticed the sounds and sights of airplanes for some time, but I certainly noticed when they were missing.  When, much later in time, I heard the first plane fly overhead, it was like taking a breath.  I felt like I’d been holding my breath the whole time, and waiting.  It was a release.  And a relief.  I well remember that time.  I’ve never really understood it, but I remember it.

Where were you?  What do you remember?  I’d love to hear.


I’m working on a couple of things simultaneously.  Okay, I’m working on a LOT of things simultaneously, but only 2 of them involve knitting. The first is a test knit for Qianer Huang of HiyaHiya.  I’m now halfway through the second HiyaHiya Wave Lace Sock but, as it’s a mystery knit, here’s all I’m going to show you. I love the cabled heel!

You may remember that the Boo Knits shawl I started earlier this Spring just about killed me.  I loved the pattern (Fragile Heart) and loved the yarn, but the knitting was making me senseless (see here if you need reminding).  I did finally finish it and loved it all the more for being done – all lacy, and beady, and light, and yet shockingly warm.

Here’s a (bit) better view of the lace and beads.  My thanks to Melodie for modelling.

In all truth, Chia Goo lace needles saved my sanity, enough so, that I’ve started another Boo Knits shawl (it really wasn’t the fault of the pattern; the needles I was using were the ones to blame).  Out of Darkness is a mystery KAL and to preserve my sanity even further, I’ve opted out of lace weight and am using fingering weight yarn instead. There are beads in the new shawl as well, though I’ve changed their layout.  I couldn’t get enough beads to do the whole thing up properly so I’m left to use them judiciously.  I still foresee a Calgary-wide hunt for more at Michael’s, but let’s hope I can make do.

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