Cast on 340 stitches. Join to work in the round without twisting (2 tries). Work in lace pattern, decreasing in one round in each 4-round pattern. Knit 36 rounds thinking, at round 34, that something is wrong but trusting the pattern. Tink back to round 32 then reknit the same 4 rounds. Realize that the pattern chart must be followed while at the SAME TIME reading the written pattern. Realize that the problem started on round 2 (yes, that’s right – at the beginning).  Remind myself that I do know how to knit and I do know how to read but maythe 2 don’t work well together for me.  Remove needles from work and start rewinding yarn as project is ripped apart.   Hope to get needles back into fabric by round 2 so that starting over doesn’t involve casting on 340 stitches and joining in the round without twisting!  No crying.  Crying will only be allowed if project must be restarted from the cast on.  Get glass of wine.


4 responses to “Aaargh!

  1. ~drops off a bottle of wine~

  2. ugh, I can relate…not necessarily with lace weight yarn but with other projects I’ve had to start over many times. the glass of wine should help 😉

    • I wish lace weight could be my excuse but it’s fingering wt. I only had to be a dolt for as long as it took to do that one rnd wrong. After that ……. well, still a dolt. lol

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