This is the first 3″ of my latest sock. 


It’s also the second time this first 3″ has been knit.  You see, I’ve worked with this yarn a number of times.  Paton’s Kroy is a good, sturdy sock yarn with some lovely colour gradations and self-patterns.  I’ve worked with it enough to know that I need to cast on 56 stitches on 2.5 mm needles to make a sock that fits perfectly every time.  So when I started these, I didn’t bother to swatch.  My gauge is always the same. Always. 

I knit a 6″ leg. I knit an eye of partridge heel. I turned the heel and knit halfway through the gusset. And then I looked at the sock.  I put my hand in it and stretched it a bit.  Hmm. Then I tried it on.  When the first hint of a size error in knitting hits you, you do what any right-minded person would do.  You stretch whatever it is you’ve knit.  If it’s a lacey shawl or scarf, you’re probably okay.  Lace needs to be stretched out to be showcased and there’s always some leeway but a  plain knit sock won’t succumb to the same tactic.  You stretch, it pops right back to where it was.  That’s what I did.  I knit 2 more rounds anyway.  Then I got out the ruler.  Yep, gauge was totally off.  Lesson learned – for now.

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