Here a Sock, There a Sock

I finally finished my do-over socks.  I shouldn’t say ‘finally’; all in all, the pair took only 20 hours of knitting once I’d restarted them.  There were a lot of do-over rounds on these socks for some reason but that didn’t seem to slow me down much.  That’s what comes of plain knitting in-the-round with self-patterning yarn – a quick, lovely finished item that looks more time-consuming than it was.

Christmas socks 2013

Patons Kroy Socks in Rich Earth Jacquard

It’s been extremely cold here over the past week with temperatures as low as -40ºC (or ºF – the temp. is the same) with the windchill.  Skyler can barely get his business done without falling over from cold paws and he hates wearing his boots. Truthfully, even if I could find his boots (they’re here somewhere ….) it takes 2 of us to put them on and get them secured. And they make him kick. Hard, and high.  I remembered yesterday that Skye has a few pairs of socks used a while back to protect an injury from his licking and biting.  Could that work now?

Skye socks

It only takes a couple of minutes to slip them on, and being less constricting than boots, he’s adapted to them much more easily.  We are back to longer walks with a happy dog.  I do love socks!

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