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January Challenge

A friend recently told me about a knitting challenge sponsored by the Canadian War Museum.

“The Canadian Red Cross estimates that 750,000 volunteers knit 50 million articles during the Second World War.

So here is the Canadian War Museum’s Canada-wide challenge to you: send or bring them your hand-knit socks, hats, mitts, scarves and other items until January 31. The museum will tally the items and announce how it compares. The museum may not match the wartime output, but it can try!

At the end of the project, IODE Canada, a national women’s charitable organization that supported wartime knitting (among many other things!), will distribute the donated knit goods to organizations that need them.”

(See the CWM Facebook page here.)

I love both a knitting challenge and the opportunity to knit for charity, so combining them appeals to me.  Using some worsted weight yarn in my stash meant this pair of socks only took 3 days to knit.


(A Good Plain Sock in Patons Classic Wool, Forest & Canadiana, Chocolate

Since that went so quickly, I decided I have time for one more project before the mailing deadline.  These fingerless gloves are practically knitting themselves and I’m thrilled to have a fitting project for this yarn, which came to me from Norway in a swap a few years ago. I love the way it’s knitting up and it’s very warm.


(Last Minute Mitts in Schachenmayr SMC Juvel, #461 Dk Green)

I know time is tight, but if you’re interested in joining the challenge, please send your item(s) to:

Sandra O’Quinn / Awesome Yarn
c/o Canadian War Museum
1 Vimy Place
Ottawa, ON K1A 0M8

Remember they need to arrive in Ottawa by January 31/16. Happy Knitting!



Joy = Learning to Knit

Knit Night. Banff. Starbucks.

Anne-Marie learned to knit tonight.  This pretty much sums up how we all feel about knitting.



Cast on 340 stitches. Join to work in the round without twisting (2 tries). Work in lace pattern, decreasing in one round in each 4-round pattern. Knit 36 rounds thinking, at round 34, that something is wrong but trusting the pattern. Tink back to round 32 then reknit the same 4 rounds. Realize that the pattern chart must be followed while at the SAME TIME reading the written pattern. Realize that the problem started on round 2 (yes, that’s right – at the beginning).  Remind myself that I do know how to knit and I do know how to read but maythe 2 don’t work well together for me.  Remove needles from work and start rewinding yarn as project is ripped apart.   Hope to get needles back into fabric by round 2 so that starting over doesn’t involve casting on 340 stitches and joining in the round without twisting!  No crying.  Crying will only be allowed if project must be restarted from the cast on.  Get glass of wine.