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Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s been a miserable day. Rain, pouring rain that keeps changing to big, white splatty snowflakes that are now actually staying on the ground. I feel bad for the golfers out here today playing in a tournament. If they’re from away, at least they’ll have some good stories to tell about their end-of-May tourney in the snow. As I write, the snowfall is getting heavier.

2013-05-23 15.23.24

I’ve decided to give in to the weather.  If it wants to play at winter, I’ll play along, starting with a bubbling pot of hearty beef stew and a bottle of cab sauvignon.  Take that, Mother Nature.

I’m heading out on a quick road trip tomorrow and don’t have any knitting in progress that will travel well.  It’s probably no surprise that I’ve settled on starting a pair of socks.  I’ve offered to knit up a pair as a donation to Twist of Fate, which I heard about through a friend whose cousin is involved.   Wooly socks to warm cold feet while hunting can only be a good thing.  I’ll be using Cascade 220 in black and grey for Sarah Franklin’s Four Winds pattern.  I’ve made them once and love them – a quick knit with lots of interest and eye appeal.  Here’s the pair I made.


I’m expecting another rainy day tomorrow and my destination, at the end of the day, will keep things ducky.  Maybe there’ll be some knitting in front of the fire at Vines Lounge at some point.  Here’s hoping.


So Much to See

As predicted, it’s not really Spring yet here in Banff.  Though it’s still sunny, things have cooled off a bit.  There’s been a lot of freeze-and-thaw over the past few weeks, as you can see here.


Both the Spray River and the Bow River look like an ice breaker has come through.



Roads are clear but trails are icy from the constant temperature changes and I really had to watch my footing during my walk this afternoon.  I did remember to look up every now and then though; you never know what you might see.  Here’s what I saw.


This lovely tree nymph was seen on the horse trail to Bow Falls.  If you know the story behind it (or would just like to make one up), I’d love to hear it.

What was new in your world today?


Is It Spring Yet?

It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Banff.  Okay.  I know it’s not really Spring but it’s sunny, and breezy and above 0ºC and if only for today, I want to believe.


I’m still getting over the rough beginning to last week when I spent the last three days of my vacation sick in my hotel room bed.  I’m still waiting for all my strength to return as well as my appetite .  In the meantime I’m making due with mostly vegetarian meals, long walks with the dog and some Spring cleaning around the house.  Oh, and I hung laundry out on the line this morning.  Because I could.

As horrid as the end of my vacation was, the beginning was everything I needed and more (except for the very cold weather.  That I could have had at home.)  We spent 10 days in Toronto, for both business and pleasure.  I know.  I’d gotten some grief about that.  Toronto?  Why not some place warm instead?  Well, it’s been a few years since I’d been back and I spent as much time as possible reconnecting with the friends I’d left behind. There was much food, and some drink, and lots of laughter and sharing of stories as we caught up.  For the briefest time, I was home.  Sounds warmer than sunshine to me.

2013-01-26 001

The other key point of the trip was to buy some of the yarns that Canada Post shipping rates keep from me.  Sadly, my brush with death illness took some of my shopping time away and I didn’t make it to Ewe Knit to pick up some Indigodragonfly yarn.  But I did make it to Lettuce Knit for some gorgeous MCN from Zen Yarn Garden.

Recently Updated

It’s Serenity 20 in the new Art Walk Series.  This colourway is based on Franz Marc’s painting, “The Fox”.  It’s going to make a gorgeous shawl.

And a too-short stop at Romni Wools (there is SO much to look through!) yielded the perfect colours of Cascade 220 Superwash Sport for BB’s requested Rasta Socks,


as well as 2 skeins of Punta Yarns MeriTwist Hand Painted in lovely shades of brown for a cowl.


Good thing it’s not really Spring yet.  There’s so much winter knitting left to do!

On Track (on Runway?)

My February socks have been languishing.  I started them out all right, on the 1st of the month, then needed to get ready for vacation.  No worries, plenty of time to knit on the plane.  And knit I did.  I got to the airport with this,

and stopped when I reached the heel, 4.5 inches later.  I must have been in the zone, since I’d only meant to knit another 3.5 inches, but longer socks are good, no?  Later worked them up to the toe, then started the second sock so I’d have something mindless to knit on my return flight.  Good call.  Here’s where we are today.


 One heel/foot and 2 toes to go.  I’m pretty sure I’ll make my deadline.   And with all that travel knitting going on, all those pointy sticks waving back and forth and sideways, only Rochelle, one of our flight attendents, showed any interest in what was coming along.  Turns out she was knitting socks as well.  Her first toe-up, 2-at-a-times.  BB was stunned when she came to our seats later in the flight with her in-progress socks in hand.  (I had tried to explain that we were everywhere, we sock-knitters.).  She was using this

Sirdar Crofter DK Fair Isle Effects in Bracken and it was knitting up really well.  I’d never heard of it before, but I’d like to try some.  An acrylic/cotton/wool blend, it really does knit up like Fair Isle.  I guess you could call it Fake Isle.

Here’s an example of how it knits up.  Hers looked very much like the ones at top right.  Find more info here.   And thanks for enabling, Rochelle.


Too Cold for Comfort

It finally happened.  There have been a lot of close calls over the past 3 years, but my luck seems to have run out.

That spidery-looking thing is a chip in my windshield.  Some people would say it officially makes me an Albertan.  Need to spend less time on the highway.  Oh wait, that’s impossible.  Guess I’d better get it fixed before it spreads.

I’m still working at catching up on things after returning from vacation the other night.  Most of those things involve laundry.  I haven’t knit a stitch since I got home, but I did get a fair bit of my February socks done on planes.  Most importantly, I finished BB’s fingerless gloves before we went away.

I love them.  He loves them.  I needed approximately 100 g of yarn but couldn’t get that much in a single skein in the colour that BB had requested so I had to mix and match. The 2×2 ribbed cuffs and the fingers/thumbs were knit in Viking of Norway Superwash in Black; the  palms were done in Mission Falls 136 in Gray.  I didn’t care much for the Viking, but I love the Mission Falls.  After the simple cuff, I used Nicholas’s Fingerless Gloves, courtesy of Knitting Daily, for the palm and fingers.  Now if it were only warm enough to wear them!

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

Yesterday was the last day of our vacation.  I mean “last day” as in the travel home day.  And it didn’t want to be a good day.  First there was the airport shuttle, which insisted on bringing us to the airport 4 hours before our flight.  True, we were leaving the U.S. for Canada but that sure seemed like a long time.   

 The plane was delayed just enough to make us worrry about getting our connection.  We ended up with 40 minutes to go through customs, get our luggage and recheck it, and then go through screening. 

The last leg of our flight left on time but ended up landing 10 minutes late, then c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g to the gate.  If we missed our airport bus home, we’d have to wait two hours for the next one …. and it’s a two-hour trip.

Then there was the lost luggage. 

But the bad day was not meant to be.  Check-in and screening at the Orlando airport went very quickly, leaving us plenty of time to have lunch.  At a sit-down restaurant.  With table service.  That 4 hours flew by. 

CATSA officers at Pearson International had “connector” lines really moving and we ended up checked out and checked back in with 10 minutes to spare.  I even had time to buy dinner. 

 When we finally got off the plane in Calgary, I made a run for the transport desk and was told the bus could wait another 5 minutes for us.  We didn’t have our luggage yet (the carousel hadn’t even started) and I wasn’t looking forward to spending 2 hours at Timmy’s (even though I LOVE you, Tim Horton’s) waiting for the next bus.  No problem.  Jacqui, the desk agent for the Banff Airporter told us to get on the bus; she would get our luggage and put it on the next bus out.  We could pick it up in the morning.  She was an absolute godsend.  And when it turned out one suitcase was missing, she contacted the airline and filed a claim for us.  What could have been a series of delays, grievances and irritations turned into – nothing – thanks to the people we met along the way who did a little extra to keep us moving.  You all made my day.

So if you were out there yesterday, (anywhere out there) thinking you were just doing your job and trying to get through your day, it might just be that you made someone else’s day better, or easier, or happier.  Thanks!

Oh, the airline found the suitcase this morning, put it on the bus and I picked it up 2 hours ago.  Happy day!